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Welcome to the naturephotography.eu site:

What is this site about:

As the site-name already implies the focus of my site lies on naturephotography. The photographs are devided up into different categories such as animals (fish, mammals, birds, reptiles/amphibians, molluscs and insects), plants (fungi, mosses and ferns, orchids, alpines, trees etc,etc.), landscapes (forests, the sea, heaths, farmlands, swamps, etc, etc.), furthermore there is a category diverse (abstract photographs, buildings, antiques, etc, etc). Last but not least there are the categories of HDR and black and white photography which can be applied to all the aforementioned subjects, but are especially great for landscape photographs. Many of the aforementioned pictures fall into the category of close-up photography. Under the heading of abroad you'll find pictures about the same subjects as described above from Switserland, Austria, Germany, England, France, Sweden, Norway etc, etc. Underneath each photograph you will find a description of the subject and sometimes the techniques that were used to create the picture. So my site is not only great for looking at the photographs, you can also
learn interesting things about the animals, plants etc. and sometimes learn how to make the photographs yourself. Lastly there is a page with links to other interesting sites and there are a number of wallpapers at your disposal to place on your desktop etc. In the blog I'm going to discuss several subjects and recent photographs which can in turn be responded to.


This site will be (regularly) updated.


You can make use of a program like webmon http://www.cmcode.co.uk/webmon/ to check whether my site has been updated again.


Finally I wish you a lot of fun watching the photographs and for those of you who want to know a bit more about the photographer and the materials I use there are two more links present, one with my name and one named equipment. I've created separate menu's in English for every subject that i'm discussing, here you'll find an English translation of each of it. There may be some flaws in it every now and then, but I'm not an Englishman so I tried as best I could.

Developed by:

This website has been created by Jaap Zuidersma. For other sites made by the same developer take a look at the links page.

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