Various subjects - fotografie van en informatie over de natuur.

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Why the catagory diverse?:

Naturaly one also takes pictures which have nothing to do with nature or only have a vaque relationship to it. Sometimes they represent a statement or are difficult to recognise. In these kind of pictures you generally can show something of your artistic side. Subjects that fall into this category are: Abstractions, objects like boats, buildings and such, antiques, atmosphere and nightphotography and others.


Each of these subjects requires its own photographic techniques. Night photography needs high iso sensitivity values and extremely slow shutterspeeds, sometimes even bulb which enables you to determine how long the shutter should be open for. By doing so you can create certain effects like a moving starsky. A certain atmosphere usualy has much to do with the way light is incorperated into the scene, like forinstance light from the front, and is very critical in regard to exposure. In these situations you sometimes have to manualy override the camera settings through under- or overexposure. Boats, buildings and antiques are dependend upon their structure, form and perspective, therefore you need depth of field and soft light with high contrast comming in from the side. Abstract subjects are photographed in such a way that at first glance they aren't recognisable, but after a better look reveal their true nature. You can also photograph an object in such a way that it represents something else (forinstance a branch in the shape of an animal). With abstract photography you can try making a statement trough a certain placement of the object(s), or by placing related objects within the same shot. In this way you are able to create a photographic space for yourself in wich you can express your artistic side. Through Photography itself you learn (by having your eyes in every nook and cranny), to see and recognise these things.

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