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Where's Pembrokeshire at:

Pembrokeshire is the second most westerly part of Wales in England and it's latitude is the same as the most sutherly part of Ireland, it is therefore adjacent to the Atlantic ocean.

How can Pembrokeshire be described:

Being adjacent to the Atlantic ocean Pemrokeshire has, due to the warmth of the Gulf Stream, a kind of mediterranean climate. This can predominantly be deduced from the fact that it's flora has a lot in common with that of the Mediterranean, but at the same time also with that of the alpine areas and the "normal" Dutch flora. Furthermore Pembrokeshire can be summarised as being an area of roadside banks covered with shrubs and trees along narrow roads, rough coastlines, estuaries, (ancient)old forrests, hills, peble and sand beaches, rockery along the coast as wel as inland, small fishing-villages, old monuments, castles, fortifications and old cathedrals. Furthermore there were large areas covered with common bracken (often on hillslopes), wet areas with male fern, tongue fern, rock polypods and maidenhair spleenwort. Robins were all over the place, even near the sea areas, grey seals with pups on the beaches, along the coast sea animals like dolfins, wales, sharks and sunfish etc, ganets, northern wheatears, common stonechat, European shag, little egrets. There's a lot more to be seen ofcourse especially during springtime when there are large numbers of nesting seabirds (ganets, fulmars, manx shearwaters, razorbills, atlantic puffin, etc), but the aforementioned things are things which specifically describe Pembrokeshire.

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